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Our Story

So how did it all begin?...

Our boss came to us with an idea for a fabulous new retail space that was previously used for storage and of course we stepped up to the challenge.

Whilst creating the store we were also given the opportunity to become an official Frenchic Paint Stockist. That was just the beginning of our wonderful journey since 2019.

Once we had made ourselves a great logo using a combination of our favourite colours we were able to move forward and begin posting our creations onto our brand new Facebook page 'Expressions_Refurnish'. 


Our main goal at Expressions is to divert furniture and household items from going to landfill (we are in partnership with Doncaster Council). This is achieved by using a range of spare parts and fittings that we have salvaged from broken furniture along the way. Expressions also relies on the generosity of the public and large, national retail stores. This enables our team to choose pieces that aren't suitable to sell to the public and we then start the process of re-creating them. We are able to take our skills throughout Expressions and apply them to furniture to make them look new and beautiful again! Our staff have one requirement to become part of the Expressions team and that is the willingness to look through scrap/rubbish and create something amazing! Basically, we are all 'skip rats' and we are so proud of that! Because of our combined knowledge and abilities it means that we can work as a collective to achieve some one of a kind pieces.

Team Expressions has grown from just 3 members of staff to 7 plus our very willing volunteers. We love a challenge and encourage you to get in touch with your ideas! Everyday is different and we are constantly learning and achieving something new.

We have been able to connect with our lovely customers during the COVID 19 pandemic by supporting their mental wellbeing using Frenchic Furniture Paint to keep them busy. Being a part of the Frenchic family has been an absolute privilege. They are fantastic at supporting all of the stockists! Their products, efficiency and customer service are always perfect so we are very grateful for the opportunity!

With the help of our loyal customers, our small store has evolved so much since the beginning from opening just 3 days a week all the way to 2022 where we are now open 6 days a week with 3 retail units to check out!

The adjoining workspace was recently made into a brand new store with plenty of space to show off some of our bespoke pieces alongside a wide selection of upholstery material, rugs, blinds, and lots of other goodies.

We always try our best to listen to our customer feedback and due to this our third brand new store is now stocked with prep products such as sandpaper, wood filler, masking tape, door knobs, hair pin legs etc... 

We are currently branching out to take on a commission service that adds a personalized touch to customers furniture either by painting it using Frenchic products or upholstering the item to meet the customers vision/expectation.

Team Expressions also supports volunteers from the Doncaster Communication Specialist College, Autism Plus (Sheffield), Ridge Employability College and Self/Parental referrals via Doncaster Job Centre.

Please don't hesitate to drop us a message with your ideas via our email ( or social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and check us out!

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