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Meet The Team!



After leaving school at 16 years old I started a government apprenticeship YTS scheme in hairdressing. When i had my children i carried on hairdressing as this is one of my passions.

I became interested in Art Deco and wanted to introduce it into my home.

I really enjoy upcycling and upholstering furniture. I found Refurnish through a friend and went on to volunteer to improve my skillset. Expressions was created. I became a part time employee, then full time and eventually I worked my way to Team Leader here at Expressions.

In my spare time I enjoy playing hockey with an amazing team of ladies and have done this for 20 years!

This gives me an opportunity to stay fit and socialise.



My journey at Expressions began in 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Expressions has enabled me to excel regarding my creative abilities. I have been able to improve our social media presence on Facebook using my knowledge of apps, websites and analytics. This led to me creating our very own website, Ebay page and Instagram. I also find job satisfaction at Expressions by helping all of our lovely customers using my experience in other retail stores across Refurnish for nearly a decade.

Refurnish also offered me lots of support during the Doncaster flood of 2019 as unfortunately my property was affected quite badly. Throughout every hurdle I have faced Refurnish have supported me 100% along the way and I have no words that can describe how grateful I am for the charity's ability to jump in and offer services to anyone that is going through hard times.



After I left school at the age of 15 years old I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in HGV mechanics till I fancied a change.

I am a father to two young boys so I'm always working hard. When I was younger I enjoyed playing Rugby and I now like to spend my weekends gardening as I like to improve the appearance of my home in any way that I can on a budget.

I joined Refurnish as a volunteer at Reuse BDR spending more than 4 years there.

After joining the Expressions team I have found a great sense of satisfaction by building and repairing pieces of furniture.

I am always looking to improve my skillset within the organisation.



After leaving school at the end of sixth form I joined a high street bank in 1975. My only child was born during the following 32 years that I worked full time until eventually being made redundant after my role fell away.

I had various jobs in the financial sector and worked in a small supermarket over the next 4 years until I decided that I wanted a change. I was offered a part time job within a retail role at Refurnish which became a full time position after a while.

I took on a change of duties after 5 years turning my hand to production. I now repair and produce all of the blinds and curtain poles for the Expressions team. As a practical, hands on person I find the problem solving and end results rewarding and thoroughly enjoy my role.

I now work 4 days and find that the extra day off can usually be filled on the golf course.

Due to me now approaching that "certain age" retirement is calling me in 2023 so i may be waving goodbye to a life of work which began as a 14 year old with a Saturday job attracting the magnificent wage of 20 pence per hour!

I shall miss it here at Refurnish.



I left high school at the age of 16 years old. I then went on to complete the YTS scheme in hairdressing. After the course I continued working in the salon until I had my children. As my children got older and went to school I worked in a call center for many years.

I then saw an advert on Facebook for a footstool workshop at Refurnish and I thought i'd give it a go. They spoke about a need for volunteers so I decided to volunteer for 2 days a week alongside looking after my grandchildren who i love dearly!

While I was learning new skills I found that I adored painting furniture and this has now evolved into a part time position for me as I find being part of team Expressions is a good and fulfilling place to be.

I enjoy photographing our bespoke pieces of furniture as this enables me to be more creative using technology.

I now do the majority of the painting commissions and I thoroughly enjoy what i do.



When I left school at the age of 16 I got my first job as an apprentice upholsterer at a large nationwide sofa maker and retailer where I stayed for 25 years making pieces of furniture such as dining chairs, sofas and stools on a commission basis.

In 2005 i took a complete change of career and went on to work for a vehicle conversion company where we converted vans for utility companies. This included fitting toilets, installing extra seats and windows etc...

Then in 2008 I started working for a railway as a vehicle builder. This also included working on the trains where needed.

10 years later I decided to go back to a vehicle conversion company where I remained till I discovered Doncaster Refurnish.

They approached me with lots of queries about my fantastic skills so I decided to start accepting commissions on a weekend. This amount of work has grown over time.

I really enjoy being a part of the Expressions team as I find it very relaxing and love to see the furniture get a new lease of life.

In my spare time I like to spend it outside in my garden trying to grow veg/flowers and would love to get back into my fishing once more.



I came to Refurnish via a DWP work placement.

I didn't know what I was capable of due to my literacy skills at the time. I struggled to understand what the vacancy titles were that the local Job Centre encouraged me to apply for due to my commitments to being a full time mum of 2 beautiful girls and wife.

At Refurnish I was able to start exploring my creative side as I enjoyed the experience and after completing my placement time I decided to stay on as a volunteer.

I was then able to gain subsidised employment with Refurnish after receiving financial support from Sure Start. This is my first "proper job". I now work within our Expressions team where I have thrived. I am able to support volunteers with anxiety issues and teach various mediums from Frenchic Paint techniques to decoupage and upholstery/sewing.

Two things that you may not know about me:

  1. I enjoy making head dresses for events in my spare time.

  2. I was related to Roger Tuby the former Alderman of Doncaster whose family still operate funfairs across the North of England.

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